Creative Portfolio - A Snapshot

ThermaPet Sales Deck Slide
ThermaPet Sales Deck Slide

foster's grill store Cape Ann Coups Ad
Foster's Grill Store Direct Mail Insert

Toyota of Nashua 30 Second TV Spot

AJ Rose Carpet and Flooring Email Promotion
AJ Rose Carpet and Flooring Promotional Email

AJ Rose Dream Home Makeover 30 Second TV Spot

PetEdge Profitable Grooming Lead Generation Whitepaper
Toyota of Nashua Grand Slam Saving 30 Second TV Spot

B2C Consumer Education Guide
Cool Pup In-Store Consumer Education Guide
Foster's Grill Store New Homeowner Direct Mail Postcard

Paws at Play New Homeowner Direct Mail Postcard
Latitude 43 Art Auction Non-profit Fundraiser poster
Latitude 43 In-Restaurant Art Auction Fundraiser Poster
Alchemy Bistro and Latitude 43 Non Profit Partnership Card YMCA
Alchemy Bistro YMCA Co-Marketing Collateral
Serenitee Restaurant Group Company Wide Monthly Events Poster
Serenitee Restaurant Group Company-Wide Monthly Events Poster
Amesbury Sports Park and Merrimack Valley Distributing Brew U Festival Poster
Amesbury Sports Park/Merrimack Valley Distributing Brew U Event Poster
Alchemy Bistro Local Walking Tour Map for Hotel Distribution
Alchemy Bistro In-Room Tourism Map

Alchemy Bistro Jazz Funeral Ticket
Alchemy Bistro Event Ticket

Latitude 43 Advertorial for Hotel in-room magazine
Latitude 43 In-room Magazine Advertorial
Franklin Cape Ann Promotional Email
Franklin Cape Ann Promotional Email

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