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Want to attract visitors to your hotel, inn, restaurant, tour or bar for the upcoming spring and summer season? Clueless about how to connect with travelers and travel agents around the world who can see your business for FREE in the digital realm? The whole world is out there and they could be looking at your page,if you know how to get on their radar. I can help. $200 per month for 1 post daily, based on best practices time and content data - all targeting YOUR potential customers. Get more bookings by getting your business seen around the world. Contact me for details. jameromarketingsuite@gmail.com

One Facebook fan is worth $174 to a small business.
“Facebook brand fans tend to be brand users. They spend more, engage more, advocate more, and are more loyal”. 2013 analytics survey by social media agency Syncapse

Comprehensive Marketing Services 
 Marketing Strategy, Implementation and Management from Idea to Analysis

Events Services—Fundraisers, Festivals, Races and Foodie Dinners

Buzz worthy events that will get you on the map

PR Blitzes, ENewsletters, Blog Content, Venue Reviews, Loyalty Programs and Press Releases

Complete Social Media Cultivation and Community Management

Content and Creative Services—brochures to menus , launch invitations, print ads to business cards

Turning  @#+ into $

Who are YOU?
I worked in non-profit for a long time, fundraising, primarily. You know what the key was to securing donors? It was in getting them to understand and believe in the mission enough to choose our cause over others.
Branding a for profit is no different. Your brand needs to be clear, recognizable, trustworthy, local and consistent.  You need to give current and potential customers a reason to do business with you over the competition.

What’s Your Brand?
Which of these brands do you know? All of them? That's because they’ve done their homework. And, yes, they do have budgets billions of dollars bigger than yours.  But one thing that you and the big dogs have in common is that in the digital space, you can talk globally and locally, engage in quick bits or longhand blog posts, share photos and promos and create a constant presence that builds recognition and sales. Image is everything.

 Digital Advertising is the LEAST EXPENSIVE and MOST EFFECTIVE way to grow your business. There’s a science to this whole digital marketing thing. And it’s so big, there is real analytical data to measure ROI. And the ROI is definitely favorable to you, if you know what you're doing, or if you work with someone who does.

But You’ve Got to Do it Right
There’s a big difference between chatting with friends and targeting buyers. Not all Social Media addicts know how to use it to target your customers. Creating engaging content, using the right blend of digital tools, building the right online relationships, cultivating an active following, and doing it at the right time, with the right content to the right audiences.  With 20+ years in PR, Marketing and Editorial, I have  the experience, creativity and reputation to get your business noticed on a budget you can afford with results you can track. 
Let me help you to Give your brand a voice”.

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  1. Digital Media Marketing is a vast field and it harldy need knowledge not only about the technical but also the users we are targeting too..