Go Social or Go Home - Your Business Can't Resist

What IS Digital Marketing? Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot. E Newsletters, Pinterest, Instagram,and anything else that gets your business in front of your current and potential customers on their phones, laptops, iPads and home computers.

26-30% of people respond to calls to action from trusted brands posts in social media—meaning 26-30% of your potential consumers read, share and respond to social media posts from your business. One Facebook fan is worth $174 to a small business. “Facebook brand fans tend to be brand users. They spend more, engage more, advocate more, and are more loyal”. 2013 analytics survey by social media agency Syncapse

And that's just ONE of the social media channels your small business can access, free. Digital Advertising is the LEAST EXPENSIVE and MOST EFFECTIVE advertising out there.

Consumers get most of their information from the web, primarily from their phones. Ensuring a constant, positive presence in the digital world is as important as creating good pr at the shop level. Only in social media marketing can you actually ENGAGE in a 2-way conversation with your buyers in the same way a business to business relationship can. Social media marketing is localized, personalized and on-going.

Social media can be a great way to generate positive PR but it can be a real “buzz kill” if you aren’t working the airwaves. Your competitors know this. You can’t afford NOT to go social.

Truth is, most small business owners don't understand how to use Social Media at all, and those who do, don't have any sense of how to use it properly. There’s a science to this whole digital marketing thing. And it’s so big, there is real analytic data to measure ROI. And the ROI is definitely favorable to you, if you do it right. Creating engaging content, using the right blend of digital tools, building the right online relationships, cultivating an active following, and doing it AT THE RIGHT TIME and TO THE RIGHT AUDIENCE.

With 20+ years in PR, Marketing and Editorial, Jamero Marketing Suite has the experience, creativity and reputation to get your business noticed. From comprehensive branding strategy to weekly social media management, packages are tailored to YOUR needs and YOUR budget. It's more affordable than you think and the returns are much bigger than you can imagine.

I operate on the BNI model - never accepting competing clients in the same community, meaning you'll have the edge over your competitors with knowledgeable, thoughtful, personalized and strategic messaging in your community, in your voice and in front of those customers who will be active brand advocates FOR YOU.

Call, email or check out my blog and online portfolio - all listed below. Let me help you to “Give your brand a voice”.

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