Saturday, November 16, 2019

5 Reasons I'd Rather Work at Starbucks Than Be a Travel Agent:

Hello friends.
My friend and AIC Resorts Business Development Manager, Katelyn Ciaramitaro and I met the other day to talk marketing strategy and she suggested I be more consistent with blogging to keep you all informed and entertained about travel, food, culture and all the other topics I cover here.

I will try.

It's a good time of the year to buckle down as what we call in the travel industry as, "The Wave" is coming and I will soon be sucked into the undertow of quotes for winter travel. Which got me to thinking, it's probably a good time to reiterate an important point -

WE GET PAID ON COMMISSION.  And the payment comes AFTER you get back.

This is important for clients and potential clients to know for a few reasons.

1. Working with an agent doesn't cost you anything and saves you money and time.
2. When we spend hours working on a trip quote and you don't book, we make nothing.
3. When we spend hours working on a trip quote and you book online, it's like going into overdraft - we did the work and the machine gets paid.  Total bummer, right?
4. We worry about you A LOT. We take the time to check and recheck every detail so you don't need to worry about the minutia behind the scenes while you are on your trip.  We solve problems you didn't know you even had. Online booking sites don't.  Something goes wrong with an Expedia booking and you call 1-800-GETINLINE.  Something goes wrong when you booked with an agent and we got you.

Katelyn shared this post (which she lifted from another agent friend) on Facebook today that I think may help you to understand our reality.  It will also make you laugh. Here it is:

5 Reasons I'd Rather Work at Starbucks Than Be a Travel Agent:
1) Nobody comes in to Starbucks and asks you to make them a mocha, a frappucinno, a latte, and a hot chocolate, take a sip out of all of them and not buy any of them.....yet they don't think twice about asking you to price out Disneyland, a cruise, a Trafalgar Tour and Mexico and not buy any of them.
2) You will never wake up in the middle of the night thinking "Oh my God, I forgot to put almond syrup in that guy's coffee today "
3) If you book a client into the wrong city, or on to the wrong flights, it costs hundreds to fix it - if you make a client the wrong drink, you pour it in the sink, make another drink, and give them a coupon for a free drink for their troubles
4) Nobody will ever say to you "Five dollars for a coffee....I can get it for three on the internet" !!!
5) When the skinny cranky ones come in, we can't send them to the wrong city, but at Starbucks you can put whole milk in their non fat latte, and tell them to "have a nice day”

Thank you for reading.  Enjoy your coffee, lol.