Monday, April 23, 2018

I Joined a Travel Agency - My Dream Job, helping YOU to get out and see the world

Anyone who follows this blog or my TripAdvisor account, my InstaGram, my FaceBook page  or knows me at all knows that my #1 passion in life is travel.  If I could spend every day and every dollar seeing the world, I would.  We travel ALOT.  But, not nearly as much as I'd like.

Which is why when the opportunity to jump on board the team at Cape Ann Travel, under the tutelage of 37 year industry vet, Denise Pascucci, who has booked dozens of my own trips, became an option, I LEAPT!
First rookie mistake, adding the agency IATA # onto my cards. New ones on the way!

You see, it's not just the traveling that gets me excited.  It's the research, the planning, the sharing, the photos, the whole experience of making travel happen that excites me.  I LOVE learning about new places, their history, their people, culture, cuisine, getting around, finding the hidden gems, exploring and sharing what I've learned with people who will go there after me.

It's not unusual for me to get 5, 10 messages a week about places I've been.  "What would you do if you were in Scottsdale with kids?"  "Best AirBnB to rent in Paris?" "House in southern New Hampshire for 10pp?" "Is skip the line worth the money?" "Is that trail dog friendly?" "Can we do the French side of St Maarten if nobody speaks the language?" "Is Mexico safe?"  I have 4 requests in my FaceBook messenger box RIGHT NOW about travel tips.  So, why not make it a thing, like a money making thing, to help people find their dream trip???

With a multi-decade history of marketing, largely IN hospitality, promoting everything from restaurants to event venues, musicians, shows, races and lifestyle brands, it's what I KNOW. Getting inside of the industry from the other side, from the sales side, is a natural progression.  And it works around the ever-growing demands of a high schooler and her need for help on essays and citations and around Ryan's work and travel.  This is perfect for me now.  I see it as a gift received at exactly the right time.

And what's cool about hiring an agent, is that the commission is paid by the airline, hotel and tour group.  So you get someone else to do all the tedious planning FOR FREE.  (I will offer some on-the-ground planning for an hourly fee for those intricacies like subway stops and other outside the box stuff that takes time but doesn't yield a commission).

So, that's just what I'm doing.  And I have been fully immersed in the experience since I met with Denise about the opportunity.  I have already attended an information-rich event with GoGo Travel, with 25 representatives from tour, travel and airlines worldwide and have completed 5 online certifications ranging from Barbados Travel Specialist to Culinary Cruisers.  I am already signed up for dozens more and for a Jamaica specialist event in May.  I have never loved work training or research more.

So starting tomorrow morning, I'll be in the agency learning Sabre and a million other tools of the trade under the patient, knowledgeable Denise.  I CAN currently take travel bookings, honeymoon registries, elaborate and simple requests and everything will be supervised, booked and cashiered under Denise's skilled eye.

I am looking forward to helping her to better navigate social media and maximize co-marketing opportunities with travel partners AND putting together some cool niche tours to attract the experiential traveler who wants to add culinary, hiking, craft beer and more to their trip.

Hook up with me at to plan your next adventure!

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