Monday, July 10, 2017

ROKC - a must for visitors of Harlem.

Last week my sister and I brought my daughter on her first ever trip to NYC. Overwhelmed by the idea of spending day and night in the Big Apple, we opted to stay at an AirBNB in Harlem. And I am so glad we did because we found THE BEST ramen I've ever eaten. In fact, it was so good, we went twice in our 3 day trip to NYC despite the millions of other options. 

Owned and operated by Shigefumi Kabashima and Tetsuo HasegawaROKC (Ramen. Oysters. Kitchen. Cocktails.) is an unassuming sparsely-decorated subterranean gem of a neighborhood eatery. Located at: 3452 Broadway, New York, NY 10031 b/t 140th St & 141st St  Harlem, is a few short blocks from the 145th ave subway station. 

Highlights for our trip were the melty pork bun (a little different from the traditional style and oh so soft and tasty) and the happy hour $1.50 oysters and clams, served with a mignonette which had  the most subtle hint of sesame.  And the ramen, oh my God the ramen. The layers of flavor in the ramen make every dish truly unique and we ought to know as we tried them all. 

The cocktails are crazy cool. They are, in fact, an art form and witnessing their creation is a little like watching a mad scientist at work.  From drinks served inside peppers to libations inside light bulbs, they are nothing short of eye candy. Sadly, I just can't drink booze so I can't report on the flavor although a quick review of ROKC's press reveals some pretty heavy accolades for their boozie drinks.  ROKC is kind of a big deal in the mixology world.

And ROKC is super purse friendly. In fact, the price point is so low, it'll make you check twice for a server omission. We will be back next time we are in Harlem.