Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Franklin Cape Ann Just Can't Miss

I know I'm guilty of RAVING about this place more than once, but it's never, ever let me down. You should go and when you do, you'll understand what I'm talking about.

Since it's opening in 2000, the Franklin Cape Ann has never failed to delight my palette. The service is top notch. The menu changes quarterly, encompassing new twists and old favorites and always balanced and inventive. Like a visit from old friends, I am always thrilled to see a dish from seasons past make an appearance for a spell. Last visit it was the Butternut Squash Ravioli with toasted pine nuts that surprised me on the new menu. I've missed this dish. In fact, I was so excited to cut into it that I didn't take a picture and you know I NEVER don't take a picture. Yep, like that.

Here are some shots of the tasty treats we had before I broke into the ravioli. AMAZING Tuna Tartar (a major go-to), Mushroom Mac and Cheese and the BEST Eggplant Stack you'll ever eat (I HATE eggplant and I love this dish - oh, the basil and the cauliflower).

I washed it all down with a lovely, rich Truchard Cabernet, another Franklin go-to. 

And speaking of the dressing around the dishes, Franklin Cape Ann has some upcoming sweet news that you should be looking out for. I'm a super savory girl, so I tend to go hard on the apps and entrees and drink my dessert. For those who save room for some sugar, stay tuned for some very cool changes to the Franklin dessert menu that will give you even more reason to go often.

Ok, now call and make a reservation.  


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