Thursday, February 11, 2016

My sweet new project - Sweet Reebs Heavenly Dessert Company

dessert deep dish chocolate bacon cookieI write automotive commercials every day. Also, I create copy for a flooring retailer and an inpatient residential detox center, an alternative wellness center and a mixed bag of other non-food advertising clients.

It's good work, but it lacks a certain, um, flavor.

So when my dear friend, Rebecca Doyon approached me to help her with a freelance branding project for her craft dessert company, I was positively hungry to get started.

Rebecca and I met when we both worked in a local high school, she as the business teacher and myself as an aide in the Language Arts department. We had both just gotten married and were buying our first homes, planning families and otherwise bumbling through our mid twenties as new brides and future moms.

Then we both got laid off due to budget cuts.

sweet reebs heavenly dessert company white chocolate cranberry bread puddingOur paths drifted over the years with kids, new jobs, a couple of relocations and a series of other non-academic jobs around our young families. I landed in marketing, Rebecca in hospitality.

Recently, our paths crossed again while eating dinner after meet the teacher night at our shared favorite eatery, The Franklin Cape Ann. Catching up on my newest gig in advertising and her newest spot on the bar at C.K. Pearl in Essex, MA, she mentioned her desire to fully launch her fledgling dessert business. We set up a meeting and it's been full speed ahead since.

Rebecca, or "Reba" as industry folks have come to know her, started making her ridiculous Key Lime Pie with Coconut Crust for two terrific seasonal restaurants on Gloucester's Rocky Neck, The Studio and The Rudder. The success of this offering led to more of her sweets on their dessert menu and a pretty solid following around her memorable baked goods. She has since added Jaime's Restaurant in North Andover, MA to her client list, and JUST THIS WEEK, before the official launch of the newly branded Sweet Reeb's Heavenly Dessert Company, and in time for Valentine's Day, Sweet Reeb's Heavenly Desserts can be found on the menus at The Franklin Cape Ann and Katrina's Bar and Grille in Gloucester.

sweet reebs heavenly dessert company mexican hot chocolate lava cakeThe website is still in the works and a sales kit with up-sell tools, a suggested pairing list and all the bells and whistles a restaurant owner needs to ensure that adding Sweet Reeb's to their menus will add a whole lot of new money to ticket sales and server tips,  are nearly finished. The price point for these craft-made, quality dessert which include weekly delivery is surprisingly affordable, meaning Sweet Reeb's is likely to show up on lots of local North Shore menus. Plans to do tastings at several Boston venues are also already underway. This is all happening now and it's very exciting.  In fact, this post was supposed to wait until we were ready to "go live" but with the recent additions to her client list, I needed to leak this now, so you can ask for her goodies at an ever-growing list of clients.

The sugar superstars in Reba's repertoire include:

Reba is currently accepting new restaurant clients and can be reached at:  Email Sweet Reebs

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Franklin Cape Ann Just Can't Miss

I know I'm guilty of RAVING about this place more than once, but it's never, ever let me down. You should go and when you do, you'll understand what I'm talking about.

Since it's opening in 2000, the Franklin Cape Ann has never failed to delight my palette. The service is top notch. The menu changes quarterly, encompassing new twists and old favorites and always balanced and inventive. Like a visit from old friends, I am always thrilled to see a dish from seasons past make an appearance for a spell. Last visit it was the Butternut Squash Ravioli with toasted pine nuts that surprised me on the new menu. I've missed this dish. In fact, I was so excited to cut into it that I didn't take a picture and you know I NEVER don't take a picture. Yep, like that.

Here are some shots of the tasty treats we had before I broke into the ravioli. AMAZING Tuna Tartar (a major go-to), Mushroom Mac and Cheese and the BEST Eggplant Stack you'll ever eat (I HATE eggplant and I love this dish - oh, the basil and the cauliflower).

I washed it all down with a lovely, rich Truchard Cabernet, another Franklin go-to. 

And speaking of the dressing around the dishes, Franklin Cape Ann has some upcoming sweet news that you should be looking out for. I'm a super savory girl, so I tend to go hard on the apps and entrees and drink my dessert. For those who save room for some sugar, stay tuned for some very cool changes to the Franklin dessert menu that will give you even more reason to go often.

Ok, now call and make a reservation.  


FAT Tuesday is upon us, and looks like Boston is all about the beef

Funny how many burger stories I've gotten this week. Apparently, we are OVER Christmas guilt. I'm finally in enough of a gym groove to be able to open the food files without feeling deprived. I exercise in the name of eats and drinks. But with Lent on it's way, or, more accurately, that fast and furious grind toward a swim suit vacation, I'm planning an occasional blast out on the Fat Tuesday indulgence before putting the nutritional nose to the proverbial piyo pavement. 
This is what's on my radar for when I take a break from clean eats:

The Beast at Wahlburgers

As detox January winds down and with Fat Tuesday upon us, it’s time to get back to enjoying REAL food. In celebration of Fat Tuesday (or for some, the last feast!), Wahlburgers introduces a burger you can truly sink your teeth into - The Beast. Comfort food at its best, this beast of a burger starts with two 5oz. burger patties topped with pulled pork, house made blue cheese sauce, lettuce, tomato and finished with house made pickles and BBQ sauce served on a fresh baked potato bun. 

For those looking to truly indulge in the Fat Tuesday spirit, Wahlburgers offers a variety of boozy frappes such as the Funky Monkey - a creamy blend of Strawberry ice cream, vanilla vodka, Creme de Banana and Creme de Cocoa, and the Lemon Meringue Pie - vanilla ice cream, lemon vodka, coconut vodka and lemon juice. 

Fuddruckers Reading Fat Tuesday Burger CHALLENGE

Love burgers? Enough to eat a 3-pound burger in one sitting?!

Fuddruckers Reading is hosting a special event for Fat Tuesday (2/9), 3-Pound Burger Challenge. 

For only $19.99 you get a 3-pound burger, 1-pound of Fudd fries and a bottomless Coca Cola beverage! 

If you finish the 3-pound burger and fries in one hour, you will receive the following:
  • 2 free meals toward a future visit
  • 1 free t-shirt stating your victory 
  • Undeniable respect from friends, family and colleagues 

24 hour notice required. Call to make a reservation, (781) 942-4891.