Friday, November 13, 2015

Get me to the Greek - Brendan Pelley's Pelekasis

Today I'm giving a special shout out to my boy, Brendan Pelley who was our snarky, quirky Cure-listening, super talented sous in my Alchemy Bistro days. His spin was super creative, almost zany and yet perfectly balanced and beautiful. It was a great time at Alchemy, with Brendan in checks.
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I left Alchemy to become DOM for the restaurant group (Serenitee) and Brendan soon moved on from the group and back towards his hometown, landing a spot at the helm of Zebra's Bistro in Medfield where he has been Executive Chef for the past few years.  While at Zebra's, Brendan did his time in Hell's Kitchen where he competed for the win under the (terrifying) Gordon Ramsay. He didn't win the game, but he definitely won the spotlight in the Boston restaurant scene as a result.
After a recent trip with his new bride to the land of olives and Ouzo, Brendan left Zebra's to start a pop up Greek concept, Pelekasis, which is making a lot of noise already. His next event, "Pelekasis at Commonwealth" is on Monday, November 16th. Thereafter, he turns up at Wink and Nod where he plans to dazzle diners with dolmas throughout 2016.  Opa!

Amuse: Ouzo Marinated Bay Scallop, beet tzatziki, pomegranate, dill
Bread Service: sprouted grain bread, barrel aged feta, marinated olives, olive oil
First Course: Foie Gras Dolmades, lemon puree, cured egg yolk, dill powd
Second Course: Grilled Octopus, chickpeas plaki, cured olive vin, herbs
Third Course: Braised Lamb Neck, cinnamon tomato sauce, orzo, mizithra cheese
Fourth Course: Whole Grilled Fish, citrus, olive oil, pickled fennel, seasonal horaitiki salad
Fifth Course: Pistachio Baklava, sesame seed, orange blossom custard, hibiscus
Mignardises:Semolina Halva, Carob/cashew and cherry/pistachio 

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