Monday, September 14, 2015

Roadtrippin Vermont

Once upon a time on a rainy spring day, my daughter announced, though in what context the subject arose eludes me now, that she had never been to Vermont.

WHAT? My husband and I exchanged puzzled looks. How could that be? This child has traveled A TON. She is on her SECOND passport. And yet, she had never ventured to the green mountain state, the very place that, save for it's lack of ocean, is my favorite spot on the planet.

You see, I lived there back in the days of undergraduate instruction. I DRANK UP Vermont. I morphed into a Vermonter. Well, maybe I was already on my way which made me choose UVM, hippy raised, food music lovin freak with a brain BELONGS at the Public Ivy with the Private Price, Groovy UV. I AM in fact, listening to Burlington's own, Phish on Pandora as I type. I guess, yeah, it made sense.

But back to the story of how we got to Vermont. Impulsive Groupon shopper that I am (DO NOT ADD HE APP TO YOUR KINDLE AND USE IT WHILE HAVING SUNDAY MORNING COFFEE), I scanneed for and found a really good deal on the Stowhauf Inn, with no blackuo.

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