Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Costume Shopping is Free Family Fun, well, mostly free

Julia has March Madness this weekend at her middle school. Each day has a different theme, a costumed theme, in addition to class spirit activities and competitions. It's a super fun positive vibrations part of the school year and a perfectly timed respite from test prepping, as standardized tests start very soon.

Naturally, costumed socialization was right in my 11yo's wheelhouse, and she was busy sketching out her plans as soon as the info dropped. I will never be justified in complaining about her eagerness to engage in theatrical pursuits. It's an apple/tree situation. Proof here Zombies, Prom Queens and One Eyed Sword Throwers

Her last minute follow through is another story. Actually, it's not the follow through but the 11th hour lacking sense of urgency that creates actual urgency on my part, but that's another story, isn't it?

Anyway, she opted to be some sort of anime character, again, for character day. I don't follow anime, but I do know the character is from the show, "Homestuck Trolls", though I am not exactly sure WHAT a Homestuck Troll is. Here's the Wiki Link in case you are just dying to know: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homestuck Also these are them, right up above. Lots of horns and fangs and gray makeup.

I also knew that it would require a wig which we promptly ordered for only 6.29 on Amazon with free shipping on Amazon Prime, due in 3 days. I flatly rejected the plea for colored contacts. Julia is as enthusiastic as I am, and as thoroughly unrealistic. She is also broke.

The wig never came. A week went by, no wig. I worried if it had been stolen off my steps (we have a nasty issue with UPS thievery these days). Julia inquired, daily and grew more frustrated. Understand that to her, this is the most important thing to ever happen. Whatever she is excited about always is.

Finally and email announcing the item has shipped and will arrive --- 3 weeks after spirit week has come and gone.

Not one to let her down, we rearranged the weekend plan to hunt down the missing piece. An emergency trip to Party City and then to Joker's Wild not only solved our problem, it made for a super hilarious family outing. And it didn't cost us anything, except what we paid for the wig. And lunch. Always find a way to include lunch.

Just thought I'd share in case you were out of ideas for things to do with the funwreckers after a very long winter. Fun, cheap and easy works for me and costume shop people don't get all freaky about kids and about touching the merch. So that's also cool.

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