Monday, February 23, 2015

My new digs

Hello, is anyone still reading? I wouldn't blame you if you had forgotten about little ole me.

I've been pretty much AWOL since fall.

I've been busy.

I've been wrapping up my freelance business to go in-house at an agency.

I have been moving back to the 9-5.

Find me these days in the Marketing Communications Manager seat at Maximum Media in Saugus. I write content for websites and print ads, radio and television. We are a boutique shop of super creative tech junkies who build hip ad campaigns based on serious data analysis.

We are geeks.

I fit in.

It is so awesome.

I have held on to a few of my clients, those that don't currently compete with our client base, which is heavily automotive and home improvement but as we move into more diversified markets, including, I think/hope with the addition of me, hospitality,

Meantime you can still find me behind the wizard's curtain for M.E.Productions, EnVogue Salon and Treetop Yoga and a few others now and again. But this is the bread and butter these days. It's nice to get out of yoga pants. Now to wear them to yoga.

So now that I'm settled, I'll catch up on all the fun food and travel shenanigans I have been up to a midst the change.

And when we do finally complete the agency's website overhaul (my project for March), I'll share the link so you can see what we do and, perhaps, share it to multi-concept or multi-venue businesses in need of comprehensive advertising services. In the meantime, check us out on Facebook: Maximum Media Facebook and Twitter: Maximum Media Twitter

So thanks, if you can hear me, for listening. I have so much to talk about - eating duck poutine at Duck Fat in Portland, ME,  my new addiction to Bollywood fitness (legit) several new restaurant reviews and a couple more up and coming. Just gotta get back into the blogging swing now that I'm settled, here with my desk full of snacks and 3 sets of readers within arms reach for hours of editing with old old eyes.