Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I Heart Research or What I've Been Doing While Not Working on My Blog

writer, blogger, 90secondsandvelvet.blogspot.com, jennifer ameroHas it really been nearly a month since I've written a blog post?

marketing, fb logo, twitter, google+, jennifer amero, blogger, jameromarketingsuiteWell, no, actually it hasn't, not really, just not here. See, I've been writing client blogs (and newsletters and facebook posts and tweets).  And given that most of my clients run very cool businesses, I've been writing some very cool content. I work with some very hip folks and I find the content creation easy, because I believe in the product. I really couldn't fake it, which I guess limits me in terms of the "who" I'm working with, but it guarantees I won't ever look at a project as, like, a project. So writing for their viewers is as enjoyable as writing for mine, some of whom are probably the same people.

marketing, fb logo, twitter, google+, jennifer amero, blogger, jameromarketingsuite

My favorite part of writing for clients is that it requires research.  Extrovert though I might be, I'd be perfectly happy holed up in a vault digging through legal records and immigration papers. I spent a great deal of my undergraduate years this way. I was very happy there. And some of it even made it into academic publications, that are probably a lot less interesting than food blogs.
research, marketing, fb logo, twitter, google+, jennifer amero, blogger, jameromarketingsuite
yoga, handstand, marketing, quotes, jennifer amero, blogger, jameromarketingsuiteBut the research I'm doing for the freelance clients is more hands-on.  In fact, it's even a bit of hand-stands-on. I'm quite busy attending yoga classes and learning to move my body in the most amazing ways as part of my yoga client deal.And I have been learning the language and teachings of Yoga and collecting inspirational quotes from Deepak Chopra and the Dalai Lama.  The engagement you get from a cool Buddhist saying that goes out with the day's yoga schedule is more impressive than what you get from a food photo. And, it, too, makes people pretty happy.

I have been gathering data on cool, cheap and free stuff for kids to do in the Boston area, part of my pro bono work for my mom's 25 years and going strong preschool and I've been studying the crop harvest calendar to better understand CSAs because anyone promoting food or fitness knows that farms are in and factories are out.

recipe, video, home news here, boston, food,  jennifer amero, blogger, jameromarketingsuiteI'm also booked up with wine dinners and tastings, menu redesigns, grand reopenings, charity events and beer samplings. I've been gathering articles on new trends in the food world and learning the who's who of California chefs. I've been getting up to speed on cultural celebrations and the food and music that come with them and studying the etymology of modern culinary terms.

recipe, video, home news here, boston, food,  jennifer amero, blogger, jameromarketingsuiteAnd I've been watching food videos. Also, I've been ghost writing the social media pages of some of the coolest businesses in our community, because I know our community, and I know their businesses. Lots to learn, lots to write and, yum, lots to eat and drink. Thank goodness for all that yoga.

So it's hard, sometimes, to put my focus back on updating my own blog. I admit, I'm totally slacking on my 90 Seconds and Velvet following to build the following of my client's blogs.  But I'm not selling out. Writing for clients supports me writing for you, both because I get great content from doing all this yoga and eating and drinking and cultural hooplah, and also because it finances me going out and doing these things on my own, and reporting back to you.  Everybody wins.

Here's the plug part - I'm always open to new clients. Chances are, readers of this blog fall into the "categories of consideration" I like to call my parameters in seeking new business. I probably couldn't handle social media for a Pro Life group or a big box store, but give me a pilates studio, a summer lobster shack, a caterer, a budding theater, a private school, a tourist attraction or a day spa, and we are cooking with gas.

recipe, video, home news here, boston, food,  jennifer amero, blogger, jameromarketingsuite If you know anybody who isn't doing social media for their small business or who is doing it all wrong (you know, the restaurant that posts only about themselves and does it 18 times a day or the salon that mixes personal politics with business posts, the shelter that doesn't add pictures of puppies), send them my way. There's a very specific art to this kind of marketing, based on tons and tons of research that could either result in major increases in business, or in being de-friended or un-followed, yikes.

OK, thanks for indulging me that bit of self promotion.  I love this stuff, I'm good at this stuff and I'm hungry to do more of this stuff. That is all.

MY PROMISE: My next post will be totally free of business or seriousness. In fact, it might be total nonsense just to balance the scales. Be sure to check soon. I've missed ya'll.

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