Thursday, January 10, 2013

My 2013 Less and More Mantra - a healthier equation

So I haven't written in weeks. I feel guilty about this. But I have a perfectly good reason.  I've been building up a plan for personal iimprovement in 2013. 
In no particular order, I vow to commit to the following this year:

More time with my daughter.
More "dates" with my husband, even if we do so at home.
More time thinking about healthy forward progress.
More home cooked meals.
More writing down those recipes
More time in the woods.
A more focused job search.
More time at the gym.
More early to bed and early to rise.
More time writing.
More learning.
More dancing.
More spending on culture instead of consumption.
More home improvement projects.
More sewing.
More reading.
More reflection.
More consistent contact with my friends (I'm terrible in the way of keeping up correspondence).
More self-improvement.

Of course, the MORE of these I add to my daily routine, the LESS time I have for the non-productive habits I really need to break. Here's what I'll be doing less of in 2013:
Less letting those who don't add value to my life effect my happiness.
Less mid week dinners out.
Less mid week wine and snacks.
Less making a "storm in a cup".
Less arguing in general.
Less carbs (ugh).
Less worrying about money.
Less finding happiness in things that cost money.
Less being short with my daughter because I'm not managing my own stress.
Less being late because I've mismanaged my time.
Less creating my own chaos.
Less driving to do errands when I can easily walk.
Less staying up late watching the cooking channel.
Less pursuing leads that I know won't make me happy, even if they do make me money.
Less feeling overwhelmed by the process.
Less blaming the past for my inability to control the present.  None of this is in my hands.
Less focus on things that really don't matter.

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