Sunday, December 9, 2012

Gloucester Glitterati Holiday Feast

Let's be honest.  Only a food addict would dedicate this much time to talking about, photographing and promoting food and restaurants as a hobby.  This blog is not my job.  It's what I do with my free time.  Some people play Soduko.  Other's bowl. Some belong to book clubs or gardening clubs or golf clubs. I eat. 

And I belong to a club that's all about food. We call it the Gloucester Glitterati, and it's a gathering of female foodies who meet monthly to share recipes, stories, plans, tips, and, of course, a fantastic meal.

Our monthly food writer's dinner is typically held at a local restaurant, culminating in articles aplenty about what we ate, what we drank, what we are individually working on and what we are going to work on together.  The social media buzz in the aftermath of each monthly meeting is electric and the photographs that circulate are positively mouth watering.  It's my favorite night of the month.

This month's gathering broke tradition in that we opted for a potluck at the home of Sheree DeLorenzo, foodie, chef, business woman and owner of Cruiseport Gloucester, an impressive new part of the local skyline with a working international cruise dock, a giant, gorgeous function room, a smaller function room and a full-service restaurant.  She's a new addition to our group, and makes the best bolognese I've ever eaten. 

Add to this mix Open Kitchen producer
Patrycja Pawlak

 with her ever-on image recommendations (hide the wineglasses like the politicians do. It's not good to have all these drinks in the photos), Heather Atwood, cookbook author, food columnist, fashionista and supermom, Melissa Abbott, formerly the ad sales manager from the GDT and perhaps one of the most prolific producers of home hewn food products (she came with goodie bags of homemade sun dried tomatoes, a spice blend and even blackberry brandy), and competitive chef Laurie Lufkin, and her collection of award winning recipes for everything from potato salad to baked goods and you'll understand the caliber of culinary contributions that set our table.  Be jealous.
I brought a recipe from a product I am reviewing.  And it definitely held it's own at this high stakes fete.The "Stir it Up" Pepper Jelly Asian Pulled Chicken Lettuce Wraps were incredible.  The sweet heat was PERFECT in contrast to the creamy heat of the red cabbage slaw and soft butter lettuce leaves with crunchy won ton, pecan and golden raisin "crouton".  
The post on the recipe is here:

We ate buttery crumbed macaroni and cheese, a persimmon and pomegranate salad that was as gorgeous as it was gloriously balanced, rich lasagna and Bolognese, pumpkin bread that would make your grandmother jealous, lemon squares, gingerbread cookies and wine and honey French bread that I could have consumed by the loaf.  It was, as usual, the feast of all feasts.  

Links to the Gloucester Glitterati's blogs are listed here.  Always great sources for recipes, kitchen tips, restaurant reviews and food events, I recommend subscribing to all of these blogs.  I read them every day, at the gym.

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