Wednesday, November 7, 2012

GP - Trustees of Reservations

Part Two of the Grateful Project and today I am thinking about the woods.  The wind outside my office is howling and I can't help but think about the clean up from another one of Gaia's tantrums. Oye.

This, of course, always brings my mind back to the beauty in ravaged nature.  Anyone who's gone beach trawling after a hurricane or storm chasing during one (this is what you do for fun on an island in winter, you see), can fully appreciate this notion of the entrancing power of the "calm after the storm".

One place I visit frequently and love especially after a particularly gnarly tempest has blown through is Ravenswood Park in Magnolia.  This is no surprise to my readers, there are quite a few posts and photos on the place on this blog. With innumerable possible hiking trail configurations and topography that ranges from fields of rocky crags and pointed ridges to murky, verdant low lying swamp to overgrown watery piepline, a person could walk here often, as I do, and never grow bored of the scenery.

But to catch the apres storm shots, one needs to be quick, as the owners and managers of the park, The Trustees of Reservations maintain the grounds - dozers in droves appear, though immediately though invisibly, following a storm to bring the place back to its reliably impeccable condition.

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