Monday, November 5, 2012

BG Project - Camp Spindrift

Camp Spindrift (of the North Shore YMCA)The first in the "Be Grateful" Series throughout the holiday season

Today I am grateful for our local YMCA and, specifically, for Camp Spindrift in Gloucester for making my artsy, introverted 9 year old come on out of her shell, join in songs and games and camp camaraderie that has truly helped her grown in confidence and feel like she's a part of something.

Beyond the dull, though accurate and important statistical data about how summer camp positively influences positive social development in children, there is that magical moment, or moments, to be clear, when a parent "sees" this growth happening.  Julia, my nine year old, gets off the camp bus gushing with tales of the ridiculous games they played, the preposterous antics of her cooky, warm, and energized counselors.  She sings goofy camp songs about Tarzan and Bananas and tries very hard to explain just exactly what "Gaga Ball" is.  I still don't get this one, though I've seen the "Gaga" Pit.

From a child who was clung to her counselors, awkwardly avoiding interaction in favor of reading in solitude in the small fry cabin, or engaging the teenagers in a game of Magik (she is an only child who once preferred the company of adults, you see), Julia has become a confident kid who now asks that I not walk her in to the Y, or theater practice or stay for softball.  Though her independence makes me feel the pangs of empty nest, it is her blooming self esteem that leaves me awestruck.  And I attribute this growth to the loving efforts of the wonderful staff at Camp Spindrift at making every kid feel like they belong.  Spindrift isn't just a summer camp, it's the BEST summer camp this mamma could've asked for.  Thank you to Rick Doucette, Blair Hadley, Austin Souza, Steve Bouchie, Kira Oliver, Miss Annette, Eileen Jermain and all the other people out at Spindrift who have truly given my little girl something that she will benefit from for the rest of her life.

One little plug, and an easy "to do" - come out on Saturday, November 10th from 11-4 to the Spindrift "Fall into Winter Festival".  Ticket price is family friendly, includes hours worth of kid friendly activities  and onsite crafters, food vendors and local craft beer brewers make this a fun event for adults.  Our buddies at Cape Ann Brewing have generously offered to donate 50% of proceeds from sales of their (super tasty) craft brew and a bonfire and smores will keep you toasty all day.  Details in the flyer below. See you Saturday.

Link to Camp Spindrift

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