Monday, November 5, 2012

Be Grateful - because if you are reading this, you are already more fortunate than many

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, and on the threshold of the holiday season, it occurs to me that those comforts we take for granted - fresh water, power, food, hey, wi-fi to read our favorite blogs and a warm office to read or write in are worth celebrating out loud.  The next month on 90secondsandvelvet will be dedicated to those resources we might otherwise take for granted.  I feel it's my duty, as a community messenger, to give voice to all of the wonderful people and organizations that are "my village".

But a village is made up of MANY voices.  And so I ask to hear yours. I welcome readers to share the same - post a comment, email me a cause, send me flyers on events we should love or companies that do great work for our planet, retailers who will be donating holiday shopping profits to folks in need and any organization that you feel should be including in our end-of-year donations list.

Spread the love, share your thoughts on what is really important to you, and help us to give proper thanks and support to all those people out there who are doing the good work in what is often the hardest of circumstances. Your nudge or nod might inspire something wonderful for the people who care about your world.

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