Monday, September 17, 2012

Coming Back Around... an introduction to my blog

Welcome life-loving friends to my new (first) blog about all the things that make me happy, things that make me get up and work hard, things I feel I need to share. Food, family, fitness, fun, community, fashion, social media, trends, books, theater, causes, the things that make life rich, like velvety rich, the things that make me happy, you'll find them here.

And speaking of velvet, we have a small matter of, "what's in a name" to answer -  Why "90 Seconds and Velvet"?  It's my little pet-phrase for "joie de vivre", perhaps this the forward from a cookbook I wrote now 7? years ago, will better explain. Funny, actually, that the first page of my cookbook will now be the first page of my blog. I think it still conveys what I'm all about, and also what this blog will be about - read on...What's in a name - the story behind "90 Seconds and Velvet"

The company closed a few years ago when I went back into the mainstream (but STILL in events and food, of course) after 5 solid years of personal chef clients, fabulous healthy dinner parties, bellydance weekends, salsa in the street, al fresco hula hooping, plus hundreds of students who will, hopefully, be followers here.  I hope I taught you something in all those dance, kickboxing, cooking, personal training, kids, nutrition and wellness classe. If you took away one thing then, that one thing I said over and over again, and you'll hear more about it here...

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  1. LOVE THIS! So great! So excited to keep reading!